Abdul Jalil Zalloum Carpentery
The Company's name : Abdul Jalil Zalloum Carpentery
Trade Name : Abdul Jalil Zalloum Carpentery
The year of establishment of the company : 1994
About the founder of the company :

We, Abdul Jalil Zalloum Carpentery, are specialists in the manufacture of furniture, kitchens, decoration works and all woodwork. The carpentry or facility was established in 1997 and, thanks to God Almighty, we have experience in this profession for more than 22 years. We have implemented several projects during the last 3 years we have implemented our carpentry.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

More than 30 employees work in our carpentry, most of them work with us for more than ten years, and all of our employees are subject to the Social Security Corporation, most of whom are employees classified through the Jordanian Ministry of Labor and the carpentry located on more than 1000 square meters and owns most of the modern trade machines and also the carpentry is subject to fire and theft insurance with the Land Company Holy Insurance Public Public Limited also we are a member of the Jordanian Chamber of Industry The authorized capital on the record is 2000 dinars and is for registration purposes only because the carpentry is an individual institution, thank God we enjoy high credibility with our customers and high quality in production

Industrial sector : Wood and furniture industries
Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 2000
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