Star Plastic Jordan Factory
The Company's name : Hatem Al-Tawil & Sons Company
Trade Name : Star Plastic Jordan Factory
The year of establishment of the company : 1979
About the founder of the company :

Star Plastic Jordan Factory is one of the pioneers factories in the field of packaging systems and it is one of Hatem Al-Tawil companies established in 1979 by Mr. Hatem Sharif Al-Tawil ,owned and managed by him and his sons with a vision towards excellence in the field of packaging, a vision that has become a reality after decades of hard work and dedication In order to achieve the goal, which is to meet the customers' requirements and satisfaction, and thus make it one of the best companies in the region in this field.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

Star Plastic Jordan Factory is one of the pioneers factories in the field of packing and packaging systems, and it is one of Hatem Al-Taweel companies, established in 1979 Star Plastic is associated with many well-known brands in the Middle East, and it is constantly working to develop vital products that protect everything in our lives from food we eat to medical supplies and equipment .... and many others, contributing to people's lives every day. Over the years, the factory’s production has evolved from producing simple plastic bags to creating a wide range of products by introducing PVC, label, shrink rolls, and lamination to the production process, in addition to bags printed in multiple colors, with a significant development in the printing capabilities that are unparalleled in the region. This expansion and development achieved thanks to its constant quest for the best machinery, raw materials and highly qualified staff. The company seeks to focus on social priorities that will determine economic opportunities and provide a basis for business integration in local communities by promoting a healthy environment and seeking positive change by contributing to a more sustainable world by Use of biodegradable raw materials. The company relies on focusing its capabilities in developing the appropriate product according to the customer’s requirements in a way that achieves its satisfaction through working in a spirit of partnership, creating the best possible solutions for financial costs and attracting and developing the best talents in this industry. The company has applied all global and local health standards that have been put forward by the relevant authorities and obtained the accreditation of the Food and Drug Corporation for its products and also the ISO 9001 certificate and that guarantee the safety and quality of food and its suitability for human consumption, as the company obtained the best evaluation in the program of sustainability of supply to customers.

Industrial sector : Packaging, paper, cardboard, printing and supplies industry
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : Palestine - Iraq - Saudi Arabia - USA - Sudan
International certifications and accreditations :

ISO 9001

Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 500000
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Jordan - North Marka - 064893971
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Public Administration :
Faraj Al Taweel - 0795530335
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Fou'ad Al-Atrash - 064881415
Sales :
Hatem Al Taweel - 064893971
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