The Company's name : Jamil Al-Sahouri Co.
Trade Name : Samba
The year of establishment of the company : 1978
About the founder of the company :

Founded by Mr. Samba Al-Sayed Jamil Al-Sahouri & Brothers in 1978, it is considered one of the pioneering companies in manufacturing luxury plastic furniture with attractive designs. Initially they worked on importing household appliances and then moved to the industry, where they started their industrial activity with three machines and a few plastic molds and ten employees only, and over the next five years, new varieties of household appliances were added in addition to the agricultural bottles of the production line. By 1990, the company started to produce plastic furniture, and gradually, many different types of plastic furniture were added, all under the registered trade name “Samba”.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

Initially, Jamil Sahouri & Bros. Co. was started as an importer of plastic house-ware products. In 1978, a manufacturing facility was launched and consisted of 3 Plastic injection machines, a few simple molds and ten factory employees. Over the 5 years that followed, more house-ware items were added to the products' line, as well as a new full line of Indoor and outdoor planters. In 1990, due to the high cost of wooden and metal furniture, the company began to produce less expensive, yet more durable plastic furniture which does not require any maintenance. Hence a large variety of indoor and outdoor furniture were added to our production line. Around the end of the nineties, our furniture line consisted of at least 40 styles of chairs and tables to meet every taste and environment, all of which were marketed under the Trade name "Samba". As time progressed, our production expanded into manufacturing other household ‘market demanded’ and much needed products such as Shelves, Closets, Drawers and more modern chair and table designs. In January 2013, and in our continued endeavor for excellence and diversity, we introduced a new style/line of Garden furniture which consisted of Rattan looking Sofa set, "a first of its kind in the region", which also includes a set of coffee tables and end tables. Our Facilities: Since we began manufacturing, our goal was to continuously update our facilities and machines, a goal which we’ve been lucky to successfully achieve. At present, our Company operates through total buildings’ area of 16500 m²: Two manufacturing buildings, large storage facilities, 24 Plastic injection machines, a complete lathe and die facility, 200 different molds, 18 trucks that cover distributions to every Jordanian City and town. And currently employs 300 workers. Markets: Even though our major goal is to supply the local Jordanian markets, yet we also export our products to other Arab countries such as: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, West Bank and Gaza Strip. Furthermore we participated in most local and international fairs and exhibitions. Products: Our products are characterized by their excellent quality and are produced according to the highest international standards. All our furniture items surpass similar products in the market in strength, durability, artistic design, and luster and contain UV materials, which make them resistant to sunlight. Our market research indicates that our products are very well established and regarded with excellence in our local as well as other regional markets. It is noteworthy that our products are designed by our own art department and are produced with the highest quality and durability and concern for maximum customer satisfaction. Future Goals: Expand our market to include European as well as other Arab markets, keeping pace with the new styles and models while maintaining the highest quality of our products which our loyal customers have come to trust. Further diversify our products in general and our patio and garden furniture in particular.

Industrial sector : Plastic and rubber industries
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : Palestine - Iraq - Qatar - Lebanon - Saudi Arabia - Kuwait
Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 1650000
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