Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company
The Company's name : Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company
Trade Name : Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company
The year of establishment of the company : 2009
About the founder of the company :

Mr. Abd Al-Hadi Hussein founded Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company in 2009 In the beginning, Mr. Abdel Hadi founded an electrical company in 2002 , and studied Diploma in Interior Design and graduated from the college in 2005 Mr. Abd Al-Hadi works since 2006 until now as a teacher in the Ministry of Education in the field of carpentry, decoration and upholstery and he wrote two books Also, Mr. Abdul Hadi contributed to the amendment of many books and contributed to training students in many institutes such as Marka Vocational Training Corporation, Marka Institute affiliated to the Vocational Training Corporation and Marca Institute of the National Company. In 2009, Mr. Al-Hadi met with his colleagues, and The Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company was opened.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company was established in 2009 and it is considered one of the interconnected and integrated companies for the service of carpentry and decoration for all sectors in Jordan and the Middle East region. In the beginning, Modernity Carpentry & Decoration Company worked in the carpentry industry in general and provided comprehensive carpentry solutions under strict supervision to ensure product quality starting from design and delivery, as it works under the framework of a systematic and organized work mechanism and conforming to the highest specifications while ensuring adherence to the delivery date The company has entered into several developments in the carpentry and contracting field as it started in the manufacture of bedrooms that were characterized by quality and durability and then moved to the field of contracting with a process of implementation, complete finishing, design and implementation of the decor fully as well In addition to the services provided,The company introduced today the restoration of old buildings with the most modern machinery and equipment.

Industrial sector : Wood and furniture industries
Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 3000
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Company Branches :

North Marka - Al Muhajer Bani Umaya - Behind Jawad Bakeries- Hamza district

Public Administration :
Abdul Hadi Hussein/0796765060
Human Resources :
Abdul Hadi Hussein/0796765060
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Abdul Hadi Hussein/0796765060
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