Haritna Dairy
The Company's name : Tariq & Zakaria Al Faqeeh and their partner
Trade Name : Haritna Dairy
The year of establishment of the company : 2002
About the founder of the company :

Tariq & Zakaria Al-Faqeeh, and their partner company (Haritna Dairy) is a jordanian company established in 2002, and started production in a small factory owned by two brothers, The production was in catering package, and sold directly to the consumer. In 2004 Al-Faqeeh Brothers started distributing their products at the local market through hiring few distributors, but in 2010 the two broth ers determined to improve their investment through attracting (angel investors), they have also contracted with the Islamic Bank to finance the construction of a medium factory for manufacturing a moderate production of various kinds of canned products by a reasonable product tion, and distribution staff. In 2016 the company built a new integrated plant equipped with the latest technologies needed for in multiple sizes which led to a quantum leap in sophistication, and expanding both in the local, and arabian markets.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :


We, Tariq and Zakaria Al-Faqeeh Company & partner (Haritna Dairy) registered in the Jordanian CCD since 2002, we started production inside a small factory owned by the two brothers in Al-Yadouda area, where we used to produce dairy and cheese in large size package only and sold directly to the consumers.

In 2004, the Al-Faqeeh brothers decided to expand the work department by opening a series of special exhibitions for manufactured products that target the consumer directly, and the work developed in 2006 as we began distributing products to the local market through few distributors, so that the investment then developed within the company in the middle of 2010, where the two brothers Al-Faqeeh decided attracted Angel Investors, to build a larger manufactory in Abu Alanda to accommodate the quantity of manufactured production and the market need of various kinds of canned products, as the factory provided employment opportunities for Jordanian youth from various governorates.

Through the urgent desire of the market for our products, the Al-Faqeeh brothers built a modern and contemporary manufactory to produce different and new types that meet the taste of the local and Arab consumers, the manufactory contains the latest engineering techniques for producing dairy and cheese of all sizes and packages required, which led to the development of products in terms of taste quality, quality of packaging and spread In the local and Arab market, and this was reflected in direct investment in human resources. The number of workers inside the factory and distributors has been increased so that we can reach you wherever you are, and that was done through the establishment of several sales channels for various classifications for local and Arabic markets.

And here we are today looking for Arab and international participation in markets and exhibitions to increase the level of export, and we work hard with passion to provide everything that is new, distinct and diverse to suit the tastes of our customers and meets their desires and needs, and the permanent development of products and raise their quality and efficiency to make our lives healthy and more beneficial. . 

Our Vision

To become the first organization locally, and regionally by providing the best products & services.

Our Mission

To remain on the best level by competing with other companies by providing distinctive products and services at competitive prices and affordable to all, to provide the consumer with the best dairy and cheese products with international specifications and ensure the overall quality of the product and service together, and we always count on our capable team, they trained by us to achieve the best results that they deserve Our clients..


Industrial sector : Twining, food, agricultural and livestock industries
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : Saudi Arabia - Qatar - USA - Bahrain
International certifications and accreditations :

ISO 9001 ISO 22000

Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 160000
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Abu Alanda - Juthamah Al Kenani St.31

Public Administration :
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Human Resources :
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