AlAwadi Of Scaffolding & Prefabricated Houses
The Company's name : Mazen Al-Awadhi & Co
Trade Name : AlAwadi Of Scaffolding & Prefabricated Houses
The year of establishment of the company : 1985
About the founder of the company :

He founded Mazen Al-Awadi & Co., Mr. Mazen Al-Awadi & Brothers, in 1985 It is one of the leading companies in the manufacture of caravans, prefabricated buildings, metal scaffolding and all metal bricks systems, which made them contribute to building many bridges, tanks, hangars and vital Facilities in the Kingdom. The founders aim not only to build the country, but also to gain lasting trust with everyone who worked with them and with all who worked for them, and in this way they go with their partners in building the future.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

Established Company Mazen Al-Awadhi & Co. ( Al-Awadi for of scaffolding and prefabricated houses ) in 1985 as a small company working in the field of buying and selling construction materials and took the progressive development , perseverance and hard work and the continued development and improvement and a focus on quality and customer satisfaction , and the grace of God Almighty , above all, the company has become the Kingdom of the major companies that supply the sectors of construction in the Kingdom and neighboring countries, including the necessary equipment and taken to expand little by little until it became a major leading manufactures mobile homes and buildings, prefabricated scaffolding and all Systems Altobar metal which made them contribute to the construction of many bridges, reservoirs and Hinajeroualemncat vital in the UK where he became The company owns a factory developed a total area of 24,000 m 2 is estimated . multiple activities and industries. And it was the task of the founders ( Mazen Al-Awadi and his brothers ) is not only in the construction of the country, but also a vote of confidence with all of the permanent work with them and with all of their work for them, and so they go with their partners in building the future. Keen Company Mazen Al-Awadhi & Co. since its founding to apply the same guidelines, has succeeded during the twenty-six years to build a reputation for excellence in terms of integrity, credibility, and excellence , and its ability to deliver projects in line with customer requirements in terms of the factors of time , budget and quality, the company enjoys a proven track record of excellence in the implementation of projects , which earned her a privileged position in the construction sector , thanks to its characteristic high level of professionalism and the ability to apply modern technologies in addition to follow the methods of modern management

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Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : KSA
International certifications and accreditations :

ISO 9001

Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Registered capital : 150000
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