The Company's name : Jordan national lube oil company
Trade Name : Zaitak
The year of establishment of the company : 2016
A brief history of the company’s establishment :

 Jordan National Lube Oil Company ( JNLO ) , member of Sayegh Group , a local domestic plant specialized in blending and filling various types of finished lubricants for versatile uses and applications had started production by 2016. Its production capacity is around 10,000 MT of finished lubricants per annum under the brand name " ZAITAK " . The company is decisvely working to become one of the locally and globally distinguished companies inpremium - quality lubricants and solely get in competence with other worldwide prominent lube oil blenders . In this relation , our technical staff has developed an elite formulation for lubricants that rely merely on 100 % VIRGIN base oils along with the respective chemical additives from the major four giants for lube additives manufacturers . Our final products will serve cars , trucks , and buses sectors ; in addition it will also cater the industry with state of the art lubricants including most hydraulic and industrial gear oils .

Is there a trademark : Yes
Industrial sector : Chemical and Cosmetics industries
Are you an industrial chamber member : Amman
Are you affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce : Amman
Export markets abroad for the last 3 years : Palestine - United Arab Emirates - Egypt - Iraq
International certifications and accreditations :

  MB Approval 228.3, MB Approval 228.5, API, Caterpillar ECF-2

Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Working capital : 500,000 JOD
Sales volume : 2 million dinars annually
The volume of export sales : 300 thousand dinars annually
Number of employees (Jordanian - non-Jordanian) : 22
Number of employees registered with the guarantee (Jordanian - non Jordanian) : 22
Are there transportation : Yes
Is there a health insurance : Yes
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