Golden stickers World Company
The Company's name : Golden stickers World Company
Trade Name : Golden stickers World Company
The year of establishment of the company : 1996
About the founder of the company :

Mr. Khaled Abdel Fattah Okasha started working in the printing and packaging sector in 1993 in Syria and developed the company by conducting a study for the Jordanian market and establishing the factory in 1996 in Amman - after a machinery trade he carried out between Jordan and Syria and was able, with his own effort, to keep pace with and compete with the major factories in Jordan occupied a prominent place among industrialists. In 2013, he developed the factory in terms of production, adding color printing to rolls

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

In 1996, the Golden Stickers World Company was established, as it was established in Amman, and then the factory was moved to North Marka, and the factory was specialized in printing thermal rolls only then, and in 2013 the factory was developed to keep pace with the times in that specialized machines were purchased to print Colorful rolls

Industrial sector : Packaging, paper, cardboard, printing and supplies industry
Are you an industrial chamber member : Amman
Is the commissioner or commissioners : Foreign investor
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Public Administration :
Mr. Khaled Okasha / 0799924718
Human Resources :
Mr. Khaled Okasha / 0799924718
Sales :
Mr. Khaled Okasha / 0799924718
Factory :
Mr. Khaled Okasha / 0799924718