Al Jazeera Press
The Company's name : Al Jazeera Press
Trade Name : Al Jazeera Press
The year of establishment of the company : 1978
About the founder of the company :

 The career of the founder of Al-Jazeera Press, Mr. Farhan alskwr, began working in printing presses in Jordan since 1959, then moved to work in Libya in 1963 in Tripoli. During his work in Libya, he gained experience from Italian printing companies operating in Libya, then moved to work in Kuwait in 1978, then returned to Jordan and opened Al-Jazeera Press in Salt Street in the center of the country. Then the printing press moved to Qweismeh in 1983 to 2015 and then moved and settled in North Marka in 2015.

A brief history of the company’s establishment :

 Al Jazeera Printing Press was established since 1978 in the center of the capital, Amman. It was founded by Mr. Farhan alskwr-. It moved to Qweismeh until 2015 and then settled in North Marka.

Industrial sector : Packaging, paper, cardboard, printing and supplies industry
Are you an industrial chamber member : Amman
Is the commissioner or commissioners : Local investor
Number of employees (Jordanian - non-Jordanian) : 14 employees
Number of females (Jordanian - non-Jordanian) : 4 female employees
Number of employees registered with the guarantee (Jordanian - non Jordanian) : 14 employees
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Company Branches :

 Amman - North Marka - Omar Al Fakhoury Street - Building 8

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